How to update GPS Map?

First of all you need to download the map update from Online or anywhere else. Then you need to copy them to the GPS SD Card and set the navigation path to the navigation program through setting.

Is it possible to listen to music or radio while using navigation ?

Yes, it is possible to listen to radio or music while using the navigation system. Ukmaster devices are using a unique technology that makes listening to music happen when you are using the navigation system.

Does the output audio of Ukmaster units support the connection with external Amplifier?

All kinds of the Ukmaster units are included four channels of pre-audio output such as: front-left output, front-right output, rear-left output, rear-right output.
Maximum output level: 2.0V, Maximum output resistance: 100 ohm.
Can be connected to all kinds of external Amplifiers.

Do the Ukmaster units support headrest and roof monitors ?
Yes, there are two video outputs for Ukmaster units that can be connected to headrest and roof monitors. If you need more video outputs to put more monitors in the car, you will be required to get a small video amplifier that can extend the output up to 20 outputs.
Do these units support steering wheel control ?

Yes of course. For each different car model, there is different CAN-Bus ( Built in or separate unit ) that comes with the unit to match the unit to the vehicle amplifier and steering wheel control.

Can we install the DVD Units our self ?
It is preferred that the installation to be done by a professional team. We are not responsible for the damages that might occur to the dashboard of the car while installing the device. So it is better that a professional team installs the unit on the cars.
How can we use voice commands and Skype in the Android DVDs ?

In order to use Skype and Voice commands in Android DVDs, you need to purchase a USB mic. The mic that is included in the DVD set which is not USB, works only for Bluetooth.

Can we use Video Chat in Android DVDs ?

Yes, in order to use Video chat like Skype, whatsapp and etc, you need to get a USB Webcam, so you will be able to use the webcam for video chatting.

This Android System?

Yes, Now All Ukmaster Brand with Original Android Operation System.

Does Ukmaster brand have plug and play harness?

Yes, it was Special Design Plug-and-Play Cable and No need to Cutting Wires in your car that will cause a void in the car warranty.

Can Install Application?

Yes, This Is Original Android System Can Install Most Application from Play store.

Which Application Can Not Install?

All Application in Play store Are Compatible for Mobile and Tablet.

Is it possible to Upgrade or Update the Android Operation System and Applications?

It is not possible to update or upgrade the Operating System of the device, Because It matched With the Car Computer System That only the manufacturer can edit, If Make Upgrade or edit there is a possibility that the setting will be Erase and Cannot be Reverse.
The Application Can Be Upgrade or Update.

Its Support Steering Wheel Control?

For All Special Ukmaster Brand Yes It Will Support Steering Wheel Control, Such as Volume (-) (+) Next Track, Previous Track, Menu, Mute Answer & Reject.

Can Connect Mobile to Ukmaster Brand?

Yes, You Can Connect In 3 Different Way, Bluetooth – Mirror Link – CarPlay
By Bluetooth You Can Play Music, Receive, Dial Call, Download Phonebook

How Can Connect IOS By Mirror Link?

For Mirror Link by IOS Operation System,
Fist Need to Open Mobile Hotspot,
Connect Device to Internet
Click on Easy connection App in Device Click On iPhone WIFI
Open Screen Mirroring from Mobile Then Click on Name Appear.

How Can Connect Android Mobile Phone Mirror Link?

First Need to Turn on Debugging USB From Mobile Phone
Connect DATA Cable (Charger Cable Can’t) From USB Port to Mobile
Download Easy Connection to You Mobile
Click on Mirror Link Then Click on Android Cable
Wait Few Second.
Mirror Link Might for Some Android Version Not Supporting.
In Mirror Link IOS Operation System Can Not Play YouTube (Apple Terms and Condition)

How Can Connect CarPlay?

To Connect CarPlay Need to Purchase External USB Dongle CarPlay
Download Application depend on model (Application Link Available Behind the Box) Connect DATA Cable to CarPlay and Mobile Click on Application wait few second.

Can Connect Rear and Front Camera?

Yes, All Ukmaster Brand Can Connect Rear and Front Camera?
Rear Camera, It’s Automatically Will Active Once Gear In (R).
To Turn on Front Camera Need Manually Click the AUX icon From the System.

Can Connect Wireless Camera?
Yes, Can Connect Wireless Camera
Outside Temperature for Pajero Will Work After Install Tesla Model?
To Fix Tesla Model That Small LCD For Car Information Will Remove and Connect to Device But Some Option Not Working Such as Outside Temperature …. Car Information,
For Tesla 12 “& 16” Need to Modify Dashboard?
No Need Any Modification Dashboard Its Fixed to Dashboard.
Can Extended Ram & Hard Disk?
Ram and Internal Hard Disk Can Not Extended, its Support External Hard Disk It Support Up To 4TB.
It Support USB and AUX?

Yes, All Ukmaster Device With 2 Output USB Port, Aux Cable Not Include Box, It Will Support AUX Cable.

Where Can Purchase Original Ukmaster Brand?

If You Are in Dubai Just Visit Out Official Sale Shop Located In

Showroom 1: Zenith Technology FZCO, BAG-10, BA Section, Dragonmart-1, International City, Dubai, UAE. Phone: +971 56 443 4432 +971 55 764 9844.

Showroom 2: Yong Sheng Trading FZCO, BAH-04, BA Section, Dragonmart-1, International City, Dubai, UAE. Phone: +971 50 978 2515 +971 55 342 3313.

If Out Side Of Dubai -UAE Just Visit Our Website Our Online Staff Will Help You

Ukmaster Have Delivery?

Yes, We Have Domestic & Internationally Shipment (By Amazon)

Is Ukmaster Brand Has Warranty?

Yes, All Ukmaster Brand Under 1 Year Warranty.

Are Ukmaster Have Service Center in Dubai?

Yes, We Have Service Center, All Sales Showroom is our service center.

Ukmaster Brand Registered TRA in UAE?

YES, All Ukmaster Android System Register in Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) & With Valid EAN.

Are Ukmaster Selling Internationally?

Yes We Sale Our Item international, For Complete Item Can Buy From Amazon.

Can Pay by Online?

Yes, we Provide Online (Depend on Amazon).

My Car Under Warranty its Void Warranty?

Ukmaster Brand Special Design Is Plug-In-Play, We Not Cut Any Car Company Not Void Car Warranty As a Dubai car agency Terms & Condition. Please Ask Your Car Agency

Can Connect Company Camera?

Yes Can Connect your Company Rear Camera.