Car Dash Cam Front and Inside Video Recorder

Dash Cam

Dual Dash Cam Recorder Rear Camera  with 4 inch Reverse Full Screen Driving Recorder DVR HD 1080P Night Vision Parking Mode Seamless Recording by Ukmaster


This car dashcam features 3-way cameras: front, inside and rear dual dash camera, which provide you with a full range of monitoring. The front camera applies vehicle video record, inside camera record the happy times inside your car, rear camera for parking assistance. 

Car Dash Cam Front and Inside

with parking mode means dash camera will automatically record when there is something heavy hit your car or some collision happens from other outside power, so that you can know the details, maybe they are good for the compensation in the later dealing if need. Please connect the driving recorder to the power supply with a hardwire kit cable.

The car driving recorder built-in G-sensor acceleration transducer, G-sensor senses sudden acceleration, braking, and collisions to capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident automatically. Through this function, the essential files won’t be covered by the loop recording function.

Dash Cam

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